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Our dedicated team

Nathan Bierbrier is President and Chief Executive Officer of Shelborne CAPITAL. He leads Shelborne’s team and is responsible for the strategic direction and investment opportunities for Shelborne and its investors.

Shelborne CAPITAL is dedicated to the highest level of integrity and ethics in all of its business practices. The company strives to build trustworthy long-term relationships with its investors. A team of highly-qualified real estate professionals has been assembled with extensive experience in all aspects of real estate asset and property management.

The Shelborne CAPITAL team has knowledge in multi-family and commercial real estate and has earned a reputation for providing respectable investment opportunities.

Our approach to real estate investing

Today’s volatile economic environment requires the ability to discern and structure compelling investments and to anticipate all phases of the economic cycle for investors and joint venture partners.

We provide closely-managed plans that evaluate growth opportunities, cost efficiencies and tax considerations. Our focus on multi-family and commercial real estate investments has earned us a reputation for providing conservatively managed, risk-averse investments.

Value Creation

Our formula for success is based on solid industry experience

Property Acquisition

Revenue Growth

Cost Efficiencies

Capital Improvements

Disciplined Investing Resulting in Stable Returns

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